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Mystery Bisexual DVD 5-Pack

Mystery Bisexual DVD 5-Pack

Brand: Corbin Fisher

Product Code: Mystery Bisexual DVD 5 Pack

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Don't know which bisexual DVDs you want?  Enjoy surprises?  Our Mystery Bisexual DVD 5-Pack is for you!  We'll pick 5 of our full-length bisexual DVDs and ship them to you in one box.  

While you'll have no idea which DVDs you'll be getting until you receive them and open the box, what we can promise is that:

  • Each DVD will arrive in its original packaging
  • Each DVD will be one of our full-length, hardcore titles
  • Each DVD will feature bisexual action only (if you want all-male titles, you can order the Mystery DVD 5-Pack instead!)

These are not trimmed down, case-less DVDs!  While these will be older DVDs, they are the same retail-ready DVDs that sell full price otherwise.  The only difference is you don't get to pick which ones, and we'll randomly select 5 from the warehouse to ship to you!  Each individual Mystery Pack will include 5 unique titles*!

*When purchasing multiple Mystery Packs, in separate orders, customers may receive a DVD that was included with a prior Mystery Pack as DVDs are randomly selected.

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